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WX for Homeowners

Improve Home Energy Efficiency and Reduce Heating Costs

SEVCA’s Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) helps low-income households in reducing their heating costs and energy use. This support is offered through free services, available to those whose household income meets the program's income eligibility guidelines.

For single-family homeowners residing in their homes, these weatherization services are provided at no cost. However, landlords renting out single-unit homes to eligible tenants will be responsible for the costs associated with any necessary health and safety upgrades.

Uncover Hidden Savings

State-of-the-Art Energy Audit

Our experts will examine your insulation, windows and more to pinpoint where energy is going to waste. It not only enhances your comfort by keeping the cold out in winter but also makes your home more pleasant in the summer, while trimming down your utility bills.

Wrap Your Home in Comfort


Enhancing your home's insulation is key to keeping warmth in during Vermont's cold winters, thereby reducing your heating costs. It's an essential and affordable upgrade that results in lower energy bills and a cozier home, offering an effective solution to keep your family comfortable.

Seal the Deal Against Drafts

Air Sealing

Air sealing is a simple yet effective way to plug hidden drafts, reducing chilly breezes inside your home and cutting heating expenses. This straightforward solution ensures a warmer, more comfortable home, offering lasting benefits for your family's comfort and budget in Vermont's brisk weather.

Income Eligibility

To see if your household qualifies for our program, please refer to the income limits for eligibility from July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2024:

Household Size Household Income
1 $55,050
2 $62,900
3 $70,750
4 $78,600
5 $84,900
6 $91,200
7 $97,500
8 $103,800

If your household's total gross income over the past 12 months is below these amounts, you may qualify for our program.

Download Weatherization Application Form.

Safety Considerations

Our program adheres to stringent health and safety standards. Building owners who do not qualify for free services will need to cover the costs of necessary upgrades. Before weatherization begins, our energy auditor will identify any required improvements.

Once Eligibility is Established

  • An efficiency coach will schedule an initial meeting to discuss the program and electric consumption. They may install energy-saving and safety items such as energy-saving light bulbs, a new smoke detector or a CO detector.

  • A certified energy auditor will visit your home to conduct a thorough energy efficiency assessment and recommend cost-effective measures.

  • Our experienced technicians will schedule the necessary improvements, such as attic and wall insulation, weather stripping for doors, and sealing air leaks.

  • After all the work is completed, a quality control inspector will ensure that everything meets the highest standards of workmanship.

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