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Staff & Board

Meet the People Guiding Our Mission


Our strength lies in our people – a team of approximately 100 committed individuals driven by a shared passion to make a meaningful impact on the lives of others. With a diverse range of talents and experiences, our staff is the driving force behind our extensive programs and initiatives, designed to address a wide spectrum of poverty-related needs.

From crisis intervention to affordable housing and homelessness prevention, from home energy cost management to supporting new businesses, our dedicated team works tirelessly to transform lives. We offer education and skills training, promote early childhood development, provide family support and parenting resources, ensure access to nourishing food, foster financial wellness, offer information and referral services, and coordinate resources to empower those in need.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Josh Davis

Executive Director

Pat Burke

Family Services Director

Kathleen Devlin

Special Projects Adminstrator

Victor Baisley

Weatherization Director

Lori Canfield

Head Start Director

Bob Silva

Home Repair Coordinator

Judy Trow

Grants Administrator

Tammie Putnam

Executive Assistant

Paul LaFreniere

IT Administrator

Jane Skubel

Payroll and Personnel Administrator


Director of Finance


Director of Development


Economic Development Director

Board of Directors

In compliance with our charter as a Community Action Agency, SEVCA’s governing Board of Directors follows a unique tripartite structure, consisting of representatives of three sectors of the community: the Private Sector (the business community), the Public Sector (publicly appointed officials), and most importantly, the Client Sector (representatives elected by the low-income community).

Client Sector

Thomas Dougherty, President
Andover, VT 05143
Executive/Finance Committee
Fundraising/Public Relations Committee
Elected by Northstar FQHC (formerly Springfield Medical Care Systems)

Ana Mejia
North Hartland, VT
Policy & Planning Committee
Fundraising/Public Relations Committee
Appointed by Liberation Ecology, Inc. (aka Vermont ReLeaf Collective)

Megan Brogan
Windsor, VT
Head Start Policy Council Representative

Public Sector

Jonathan Johnson
Putney, VT 05346
Nominating and Personnel Committee
Employer: Town Clerk Town of Putney Former attorney.
Appointed by the Town of Putney

Liz Cresci
Chester, VT
Policy & Planning Committee
Fundraising/Public Relations Committee
Employ: Investment Banker
Self-Employed: Life/Business Coach
Appointed by Town of Chester

Private Sector

Mandy Giles, CPA, Treasurer
Lebanon, NH 03766
Executive / Finance Committee
Certified Public Accountant
Employer: A.M. Peisch & Company

Camilla Arnold, Vice President
Westminster West, VT 05346
Executive/Finance Committee
Leadership Team
Nominating/Personnel Committee
Workforce/Project Manager
Employer: C&S Wholesale Grocer

Nate Stoddard, Secretary
Westminster, VT 05158
Executive/Finance Committee
Property Appraiser
Employer: N.E. Muni. Resource Ctr

Temporary Sector-Reassign Pending

Kevin Kennedy
Brattleboro, VT 05301
Policy & Planning Committee
Fundraising/Public Relations Committee 
Director of Strategic Engagement, Five Colleges Consortium

Steve Mundahl
Brattleboro VT 05301
Policy & Planning Committee
Fundraising/Public Relations Committe
Retired CEO, Goodwill Industries

John Couleur
Brattleboro, VT 0301
Committee TBD
Salesforce Executive
Affiliation: Brattleboro Planning Commission