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Utilities Assistance

Get Help with Utility Bills

If your household is at risk of losing electricity due to a disconnect notice or is already disconnected, you may qualify for assistance.

  • Eligibility: Assistance availability depends on program rules, eligibility criteria, and the availability of flexible funds. You may qualify if your gross income for the last 30 days is below the 200% guideline for your household size
  • Payment Arrangements:  After assistance has been determined, you'll need to set up a payment arrangement with your power company.
  • Energy Assistance Program: SEVCA can also assist you in applying for the Energy Assistance Program, which offers a 25% discount on power usage. First-time applicants may even be eligible for forgiveness of past-due payments.

Explore the program details and download an application form to get started.

Energy Assistance Application

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Water and Other Utilities

If you are responsible for your own water/sewer payments and are facing disconnection or are already disconnected, you may qualify for assistance from a state program. Find more information here:


Broadband Assistance

Struggling with your monthly internet expenses or unable to afford internet access? There's a federal subsidy available for income-eligible households. Visit GetInternet to get started or let SEVCA assist you.


Phone Bill Assistance

While we don't have a specific program for phone bill assistance, the Lifeline program may help some individuals reduce their phone expenses.


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