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Impact Data & Stories

Transforming Lives

In FY2023 SEVCA provided services to:

  • 3711 individuals

  • 33% were over age 55

  • 27% were children 0-17

Of the 2,051 households we served:

  • 51% of households were renting

  • 650 households were caring for 994 children

  • 72.3% of households had income below 200% of the FPL ($49,720 for a family of 3)

  • 36% had income below 100% of FPL ($24,860 for a family of 3)

Head Start

SEVCA sponsors Head Start programs in Chester, Springfield, Windsor, and White River Junction. These programs help kids ages birth to five develop language, literacy, and social skills. They also support low-income parents as their child's first and most important teachers.

  • 71 children were served in Head Start by 32 staff.

  • 20% of the enrolled children are on an Individual Education Plan to address learning delays.

  • 89% of children are up-to-date on immunizations and 86% have a dental home.

  • 51% of children live in two parent families.

  • 56% of the children will be transitioning to kindergarten in the fall.

Other info:

10 families caring for 10 children experienced homelessness during the program year.

Client Stories

A Path to Electric Bill Relief

David came to SEVCA after his electricity was turned off because he had an overdue balance of over $1,000. He needed a minimum payment of $600 to restore his power. However, with an income of $600 a month, he didn’t have the funds to come close to paying the back balance to get his power restored. This is where the puzzle-solving truly begins.

SEVCA staff and David examined his budget to identify changes that would enable him to pay future electric bills. They expedited David’s application to Green Mountain Power’s Electric Assistance Program, collaborating with Reach Up to ensure he received every form of support he was eligible for.

David learned how he could make changes in his budget that would ensure he could put more funds toward his energy bill. He also took steps to begin working with GMP and Reach Up to create a budget plan and get set up with electric payment assistance. The final piece was SEVCA providing $300 towards his bill.

Collaborative Efforts Bring Heat to Brattleboro Home

I got a call on Friday from a woman asking for help with fuel. They were down to ¼ of a tank of kerosene and had no money to purchase more. On top of that, they owed their fuel dealer a total of $900 from the last heating season that they were unable to pay.

The woman works and makes a minimal wage. Her husband is a veteran, and suffers from PTSD, making it difficult and almost impossible for him to hold a job. He had gone back to work for a short period, only to find it was too much for him, and he had to stop working. This left them with a budget that was unsustainable and they could not handle their household expenses.

We decided we could help them get some oil to heat their home, but when we called to place the order, we were told they would not honor the payment unless their back balance was paid in full.

Feeling frustrated and discouraged, my supervisor suggested I call my contact at Windham County Heat Fund, to see if he could help. Indeed, after a brief conversation, the Windham County Heat Fund generously decided to pay off the couple's entire back balance with the oil company.

In turn, we ordered 100 gallons of oil and got them all set up with seasonal fuel. The Heat Fund insisted we let him know if the couple needed any more help throughout the season, and assured us they would do anything they could to make sure they stayed warm all winter.

The next day, after I called the couple and told them what we did, I got this email:

Thanks for what you did for us and all of Brattleboro, I cried with my husband when I got home. Tears of joy.

It makes me so happy to be able to reach out to other community contacts and collaborate with them to help our clients as much as we possibly can. This is the good stuff!!!

S.Z. - SEVCA Family Services

Emergency Propane Water Heater Replacement in West Dover

A homeowner in West Dover had not had water for five weeks. Her propane water heater had been red-tagged by her propane company. Propane is a harder fix in both weatherization and EHRP because there are fewer contractors, and they are very busy. It took me two weeks to find one and line one up to assist her. She called me the day after the replacement and said she was so thankful. She said it felt amazing to finally take a shower and run her water! 

- K.M. Emergency Home Repair

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help. I had no knowledge of the program until you helped me. Now my rent and electric are paid. I have fuel in my tank thanks to your other assistance. I am so grateful for the work you do and how you handle it, leaving me with my dignity. Thank you again! I am getting back on my feet now and hope to never have to reach out to you again. Just wanted to let you know you are appreciated!
- An Emergency Heating Assistance Client In Windham County
I can't thank you enough for all your help. I can't believe everything is finally working, and I'm no longer living like I'm camping! You've been amazing. I feel so lucky to have connected with you both.
- An Emergency Home Repair Client in Windsor County