Keeping our Neighbors Safe and Warm at Home

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Dear Friends, 

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced our community to confront so many long-standing problems all at once. No problem has been more persistent and affects so many

Vermonters than the lack of access to safe and affordable housing.

Many hard-working people have been priced out of homes as the “hot” real estate market has driven the median price of a home in our region up to nearly $400,000. Renters are being displaced by landlords eager to cash in on the seller’s market. Recently, more and more of those sales are converting to short-term rentals, further depleting the housing supply.

People who already have homes also struggle. The cost of doing home repair has sky- rocketed, putting that work out of reach for many low, moderate, and fixed-income Vermonters. Young children, senior citizens, and the disabled are particularly vulnerable when there are repair needs such as leaking roofs; mold; frozen and burst pipes; failed water, septic, and heating systems; dangerous steps and flooring; or heating fuel leaks.

Vermont’s high number of older homes and our harsh winter conditions increase the likelihood that delayed repairs can develop into situations that can become serious health and safety threats for elders, children, and their families.

SEVCA continues to be a source of solutions to many of our neighbors’ emergency and long-term housing needs. Our Emergency Home Repair, Fuel and Utility Assistance, and Family Services Housing Assistance programs have enabled families to address crisis situa- tions and stay in their homes.Our Weatherization and Community Solar projects help homeowners and renters to save money on energy costs while also preserving our environ- ment. Our job readiness training and support; financial fitness education; asset building accounts; income tax preparation; and child care programs help people to work and to keep control of more of their earnings so that they can maintain financial and housing security.

SEVCA could not do our work without the generous support from our community. Your gift today will provide us with flexible funds which we can use to quickly and effectively serve people who would otherwise fall into financial crisis or homelessness.

Join us in helping to keep our neighbors safe and warm at home this winter.

In gratitude,

Kevin Brennan

Executive Director 

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