Special Appeal - Help Us and Support Head Start

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Will you support SEVCA County Head Start?

SEVCA's Special Summer Program Appeal

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School's out for the summer! And preparations for the upcoming year are already underway.

SEVCA's Windsor County Head Start program- with locations in Windsor, Chester, Springfield, and White River- needs your help to fund essential services.

Enrolled students like 'Jake' rely on timely delivery of appropriate evaluations which help to learn the deeper meaning behind challenging behaviors. In 'Jake's' case, our investment in screening, far in advance of the timeline the school could deliver due to pressures on their end, led to an early diagnosis of autism. With one year left in our Head Start program, our dedicated staff feel confident both student and family will have the resources needed to be school ready.

COVID recovery efforts have put pressure on our already over-burdened school system and educational programs. Yet connection to resources, such as evaluations and student support service payments, which might otherwise be unavailable to the family, are just one of the many ways that SEVCA and SEVCA Head Start Centers support our community members and provide a bridge to support for families.

Please consider a special gift today and help SEVCA to ensure that all families can access necessary resources for our community’s long-term health and success.



Your support leads to positive outcomes. Did you know that Head Start-

  • Improves educational outcomes: It increases the probability that participants graduate from high school, attend college, and receive a post-secondary degree, license, or certification.
  • Supports social, emotional, and behavior development that becomes evident in adulthood measures of self-control, self-esteem, and positive parenting practices.
  • Increases positive parenting practices for participants whose mothers did not have a high school degree when compared to outcomes of children who went to a preschool other than Head Start.
*Brookings Institute, The Long Term Impact of the Head Start Program

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Donations may be mailed to:


Attn: Head Start Campaign

91 Buck Drive

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