Emergency Home Repair




Because we have a large number of applications to process and because we have long wait lists at this time, SEVCA is NOT currently accepting new program applications. This TEMPORARY suspension/pause is to allow us to finish applications currently in-process and to shorten wait-list times, to better serve our clients’ needs in future. Please watch this website for word on when we will begin accepting applications again for this important program.

Clients in need of emergency repairs to correct IMMEDIATE dangers or threats to health and safety should call SEVCA to describe their needs and to receive information on alternative repair options until we reopen our application process.



The Emergency Home Repair (EHR) program addresses an unmet regional need for no-cost emergency home repairs for low-income households in crisis, and facilitates access to supplemental resources and programs.

The focus is to address immediate health and safety risks, restore the integrity of the building envelope, and correct code violations and energy waste.

The EHR program fills a critical gap in services to stabilize the lives of low-income homeowners so they can take further steps toward sustainability, and encourages efficient regional partnerships to optimize that delivery of services and the cost-effective use of scarce resources. SEVCA contracts with licensed and certified local businesses to do the repairs, providing needed work for contractors who are struggling in the depressed housing market, as well as collaborating with volunteer programs.Between 2009 and 2014, the Emergency Home Repair program assisted 319 households, provided $225,000 worth of home repairs, and leveraged $1.8 million in additional resources.

If you are having a home repair emergency, or wondering if you are eligible, please contact our Emergency Home Repair Coordinator at 800-464-9951.

You can download a copy of the Emergency Home Repair Application HERE.

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1937