Textile Recycling Program Is Closed

SEVCA has been proud to recycle textiles for many towns and thrift stores since 2007. We started this program to raise revenue to assist the thousands of local families in need who depend on SEVCA’s services, while also doing our part to support the local economy and help reduce waste. Through our collaborative efforts, we’ve been able to keep about a half million pounds of textile waste per year out of the landfills and get it into the hands of people who could re-use the clothing and industries that could re-use the material.

Unfortunately, SEVCA will no longer be able to continue our Textile Recycling program. We are forced to take this step because of a severe drop in market demand, and prices, for recycled textiles. In 2014, we were receiving 16.5 cents per pound for baled textiles. The price has dropped steadily since then, to an all-time low of just 2 cents/pound in late 2015. We were unable to sustain our operations with this drastically reduced price.

We’ve tried everything we could think of to keep it going, including talking with the Agency of Natural Resources in the hope that the state might offer some assistance to keep textile recycling viable in our state. We had hoped that new legislation mandating that towns offer recycling options for their residents, Act 148, would include textile recycling, and therefore incentivize towns to pay for our recycling services; however, there was no mention of textiles in the bill. Regrettably, no financial assistance appeared to be available or anticipated. We continue to recycle clothing generated by our own thrift stores in a much more limited way, but the economics of the market wouldn’t allow us to do that for others anymore. We officially closed the program in February 2016.

We would like to thank the public for supporting SEVCA’s Textile Recycling program throughout the many years we have offered this mutually beneficial service to our communities. SEVCA’s Thrift Stores will remain in operation, as will our many other programs, and we look forward to your continued support. Please call Darlene Rhoades at (802) 359-4183 with any questions.


The public is advised to contact their town to find out if textiles will still be accepted at any of these locations.

Cavendish Transfer Station and Recycling
354 Route 131
Cavendish, VT 05142

Norwich Transfer Station
24 New Boston Road
Norwich, VT

Plymouth Drop-off and Recycling
68 Town Office Road
Plymouth, VT 05056

Rockingham Transfer Station and Recycling
7446 Route 5
Westminster, VT 05158

Weathersfield Transfer Station and Recycling
5024 Route 106
Perkinsville, VT 05151

Springfield Transfer Station and Recycling
Fairground Road
Springfield, VT 05156

Ludlow Transfer Station
336 Route 100, South Ludlow, VT

Johnson Transfer Station
Route 100, Johnson, VT

Moretown Transfer Station
RT 2, Moretown, VT

Rutland County Solid Waste
Gleason Road
Regional Transfer Station
Rutland, VT

Stowe Transfer Station
Route 108/Mountain Rd., Stowe, VT

Windham Solid Waste District
327 Old Ferry Rd.
Brattleboro, VT



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