Share the Warmth Annual Fuel Fund Campaign

Sponsored by WCFR (1480 AM & 106.5 FM) and WCFR’s Ray Kimball

Why your support is needed:
The scale and depth of the heating fuel is greater than ever before:

  • Last winter, SEVCA spent $783,457 in emergency fuel assistance for our clients to stay warm. Of that figure $78,000 came from private flexible funds to serve people who were not eligible for state Crisis Fuel funds but could not afford a fuel delivery.
  • This year, a reduction in the statewide Crisis Fuel budget may be reduced from $4 mil. to 2.8 mil., this could mean smaller seasonal fuel benefits (thereby increasing the demand for crisis fuel assists and earlier in the year, less people to serve them (creating a backlog of appts for emergency situations), and/or that the crisis fuel money allocated to agencies across the state would run out before the end of the season.
  • In the past 5 years, the need has skyrocketed. SEVCA emergency fuel assistance expenditures have increased by 239%.

What your support will enable us to do:
SEVCA’s SHARE THE WARMTH! Fund assists families and individuals who are not eligible for federally-funded Crisis Fuel assistance but still cannot afford a fuel delivery, or are without fuel at times when Crisis Fuel is not available (before Nov. 26th and after Apr. 15th), even though it may be very cold. This includes the working poor, seniors, and people struggling with finances due to illness, separation and divorce, and unexpected emergencies.
You can help your neighbors who are at peril by donating to the SHARE THE WARMTH! Fuel Fund in one of the following ways:

  • Donating right now through PayPal; just click on the donate button below!
  • Mail your check to: SEVCA, 91 Buck Drive, Westminster, VT 05158.
  • Make your donation in person at one of SEVCA’s “Good Buy” Stores: 23-25 Main Street, Springfield or 45 Rockingham Street, Bellows Falls.
  • Call (802) 722-4575 to arrange for payment by Credit Card or to get more information.

All contributions to SEVCA are 100% tax deductible














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