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VT Everyone Eats Continues Through December 31st

Vermont Everyone Eats (VEE), the innovative COVID-19 response program that provides meal assistance to Vermonters while supporting local restaurants, farmers, and food producers, has received an extension to continue through December of this year. Program managers had anticipated that meals would end on September 30, but with funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Vermont has extended the program to address the ongoing economic instability of restaurants and the food insecurity experienced by nearly one in four Vermonters.

Since the start of Everyone Eats, 14 community hubs have worked with over 200 restaurants sourcing ingredients from over 300 farmers to distribute over 1.6 million meals to Vermonters all over the state.

“Over the course of the past year, it has been astounding to watch so many VEE partners work together to feed and care for one another,” Jean Hamilton, Vermont Everyone Eats Statewide Coordinator for Southeastern Vermont Community Action (SEVCA), said this week. “A lot of hard work has gone into this program, and everyone I talk with – volunteers, restaurants, meal recipients, lawmakers, and state employees – is overjoyed that we can continue for another three months. I am so proud that our partners across state agencies, FEMA, the legislature, SEVCA, and local communities are continuing to offer this program. Not only are we meeting today’s acute challenges, we are also learning to work together in new, collaborative ways that can help improve how our communities build health and resiliency into the future.”

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