Need Help? RESOURCES are available.

For info about Vermont food and other resources, Click HERE.


SEVCA is here to support you and your family during these hard to fathom times. 

Check out our RESOURCE GUIDE and learn more about the food, rental, business, and other financial programs available to help you, your family, your household, and your community.

Give SEVCA a call to make an appointment with a Recovery Navigator or other staff member. 

Our Main Office number is 800-464-9951. 

You can find direct numbers to our satellite offices HERE

SEVCA is offering a number of new programs.

Check out our Family Services Expanded offerings. New programs include Medical Assistor, Recovery Navigator, and the statewide Rapid ReHousing Initiative. Click HERE

For more information about our Free Workshop Series on Money Management, click HERE.

To learn more about the statewide EMBRACE grant for micro businesses, click HERE.

To learn more about Vermont Everyone Eats, check it out HERE, or read our recent press release HERE.

“Unless the investment in children is made, all of humanity’s most fundamental long-term problems will remain fundamental long-term problems.”

UNICEF "The State of the Children" (1995)