A Big "Thank You" to Donors Contributing to Our Summer Appeal

Appeal Raises Funding for Emergency Home Repairs

Some of our neighbors in Southeastern Vermont count themselves lucky just to have a roof over their heads… even if that roof leaks and their housing poses real health and safety hazards for themselves and their families. They cope with the leaks, sagging floorboards, moldy basements, and rotting windowpanes and try not to think about how precarious their living situation really is. These residents—often elderly, disabled, or families with young children—are forced to live in substandard housing because they simply can’t afford the minimal repairs needed to solve these problems...repairs that would, in many cases, unlock additional resources available to weatherize their homes and further improve their quality of life while significantly reducing energy waste.

SEVCA’s Emergency Home Repair Program (EHRP) helps these families by providing no-cost home repairs and service coordination to help connect them to other needed resources, such as our Weatherization program and other home repair grants and loans. It meets a critical unmet need for households who can’t afford or don’t qualify for loan programs, have an urgent need not met by other programs, or need additional help beyond what they are able to finance through borrowing. EHRP enables recipients to stay in their homes, improves the safety and health of their families, and allows them to focus their scarce resources on other basic needs.

SEVCA’s recent appeal for funding to help sustain the Emergency Repair Program has already raised over $7,500! We’d like to thank all our contributors for their generosity.

“If SEVCA hadn’t provided heat this winter, I might not be alive to write this.”

SEVCA Client