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For over 50 years, SEVCA has been a strong and critical piece of the safety net for our most vulnerable community members. Just as important, we've invested in their long-term success by enriching the lives of young children and their families through early education and support; repairing and insulating homes to create safe, habitable living conditions and save energy at the same time; and providing training and support to help people find jobs, further their education, or start their own business.

SEVCA is currently fundraising for a community solar project located in Westminster, VT: Community Solar for Community Action. This project will provide energy assistance to low-income subscribers through virtual net metering credits on their energy bills. Want to help area households in need while benefitting the environment through the development of renewal energy? Click here to: Donate to Community Solar for Community Action to help us raise the matching funds we need!

For more information, check out our article, Funding Sought for New Solar Array at SEVCA's Westminster Office. 


Or donate anytime to benefit other SEVCA programs here: Donate to SEVCA or through Network for Good.

This past year (Oct.1, 2016 to Sept. 30, 2017), SEVCA proudly served 4,501 households, consisting of 8,895 individuals.

  • 662 households received $234,440 in crisis fuel assistance.
  • 404 households received housing services, including $155,353 in emergency housing assistance.
  • 1,458 households (3,051 individuals) received 8,009 diverse services from our Family Services program.
  • 264 households claimed $216,445 in credits and refunds via tax preparation assistance.
  • 77 children (230 individuals in families) received comprehensive early childhood development education & family support from our Head Start program.
  • 34 homes received emergency home repairs valued at $105,087.
  • 593 households (978 individuals) received help to access affordable health insurance through the Health Navigator program.
  • 366 households obtained $15,934 in free clothing and furniture from our Thrift Stores.
  • 246 homes were weatherized at a total value of $1,447,550.
  • 67 homes received emergency heating system repairs or replacements valued at $119,228.
  • 27 individuals in our Ready for Work program received comprehensive job readiness education and support.
  • 59 individuals participated in Financial Fitness training to help them reach their financial goals.
  • 47 entrepreneurs received counseling & support for new or existing businesses.
  • 24 households earned a savings match of $33,776 via the Individual Development Account program.
  • 232 participants were recruited for the Jobs for Independence program, which is piloting a new approach to employment services in Vermont.

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“Nothing could be worse than the fear that one had given up too soon, and left one unexpended effort that might have saved the world. ”

Jane Addams (U.S. social worker, 1860-1935)